6 Best Read It Later Apps You Should Try

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to read interesting articles, stories, or news that we come across online can be a challenge. The busy nature of our daily lives often forces us to skim through content or even ignore it altogether. To bridge this gap, various Read It Later apps have been developed to help you save content easily and read it at your convenience. Whether it’s an intriguing article you found during your work hours or a lengthy analysis that requires your undivided attention, these apps have got you covered.

Read It Later apps act like digital libraries, storing your selected content in an easily accessible format. The convenience they offer isn’t confined to mere saving; they often provide a more comfortable reading environment by removing advertisements, reformatting text, and allowing offline access. These apps have become a vital part of the reading habits of many, aligning with the flexible needs of modern lifestyles.

The market for these apps is diverse and ever-growing, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. To aid in your decision, this article delves into six of the best Read It Later apps available today. We’ll explore what makes each one special, detailing their features, benefits, and why they might be the perfect fit for your reading needs.

1. Pocket

Pocket is one of the most popular Read It Later apps, boasting millions of users worldwide.

It allows you to save articles, videos, and stories from any publication, page, or app. With a clean, distraction-free interface, Pocket makes reading a pleasant experience. It also offers a listening feature that transforms written content into an audio format, ideal for those who prefer auditory learning or are always on the go.

One significant advantage of Pocket is its integration with over 1500 apps, making it highly accessible and user-friendly. Whether you are using a web browser, mobile device, or even a Kindle, Pocket ensures that your saved content is within easy reach.

2. Instapaper

Instapaper simplifies reading by turning web content into a book-like experience.

The user interface of Instapaper is elegant and clutter-free, allowing readers to concentrate on the content without distractions. Text size, font, and background colour can be customised, making reading comfortable for all users.

Moreover, Instapaper provides an impressive feature known as the ‘Speed Reading’ option, which helps users increase their reading speed by guiding their eye movement. Its offline capabilities are robust, too, letting users access saved content without an internet connection. These qualities make Instapaper an excellent choice for those looking to optimise their reading experience.

3. Matter

Matter is a new entrant in the Read It Later app space, focusing on quality and curated content.

Unlike other apps that simply store content, Matter handpicks some of the best pieces from around the web and presents them in an easily digestible format. This emphasis on curation ensures that readers are exposed to thought-provoking and high-quality articles.

Matter also prioritises community engagement by allowing readers to discuss articles and share opinions. It offers various subscription levels, unlocking more features and content as you move up the tiers. If quality and discussion-driven reading are what you seek, Matter could be your go-to app.

4. PaperSpan

PaperSpan is known for its efficient management of reading lists and an array of helpful features.

Users can categorise their saved content into folders, tags, or even schedule them for future reading. These organising features make PaperSpan a favourite among readers who prefer a structured approach to their reading lists.

Along with these organisational tools, PaperSpan offers features like Auto-Play, where you can listen to your articles one after the other without manual intervention. The convenience of such a system allows users to transform their reading into a podcast-like experience, making PaperSpan a highly versatile Read It Later app.

5. Refind

Refind sets itself apart by integrating discovery and learning tools with traditional reading features.

It not only lets you save articles for later reading but also provides daily recommendations based on your interests and reading habits. This personalised approach ensures that users are consistently exposed to relevant and stimulating content.

Furthermore, Refind offers ‘Read Soon’ and ‘Deep Dive’ options to prioritise or explore content more thoroughly. These features, combined with a sleek and intuitive interface, make Refind a unique option for those looking to add a learning dimension to their reading experience.

6. Omnivore

Omnivore is a Read It Later app designed for the academic and scholarly audience.

Tailored for researchers, students, and academics, Omnivore focuses on providing access to academic papers, research articles, and journals. It includes advanced features like citation management, collaboration tools, and connections to academic databases.

Omnivore’s unique value lies in bridging the gap between casual reading and academic research. Its specialised functionalities make it the preferred choice for the intellectual reader, seeking more than just leisure reading from a Read It Later app.


The choice of a Read It Later app depends on your specific needs, preferences, and reading habits. Whether you are a casual reader, a student, a professional, or an academic, there is an app out there tailored for you. The options discussed in this article offer a diverse range of features, from basic reading enhancements to curated content and academic support. Understanding your requirements and exploring these options can lead you to an app that will not only enhance your reading experience but possibly transform the way you consume and interact with content. The convenience, flexibility, and personalised engagement these apps provide make them essential tools for the modern reader.

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