18 Best Kids Shows to Watch on YouTube

In the vast digital realm of children’s programming, YouTube has firmly planted its flag, offering content that matches, and sometimes even surpasses, traditional TV in terms of quality, diversity, and innovation. As screens become an integral part of young lives, discerning parents are on the lookout for shows that not only captivate their children’s imagination but also enrich their formative years with positive messages, knowledge, and creativity. Sifting through the near-infinite trove of content, one can find shows that encompass a medley of genres, art forms, and teachings, tailored specifically to the curious and rapidly-developing minds of children.

However, the sheer volume of options also presents a challenge. For parents and guardians, ensuring that young viewers are exposed to constructive, age-appropriate content can be overwhelming. That’s why curated lists, such as the one that follows, are essential. Hand-picked to ensure quality, these shows represent some of the best that YouTube has to offer for young viewers. From stories of familial bonds and friendships to whimsical adventures and educational tours, these shows are more than mere distractions; they are stepping stones to a world of discovery, empathy, and joy.

1. Learning Time with Timmy

Learning Time with Timmy” is an engaging series designed to introduce toddlers to the vibrant world of the English language. The show revolves around Timmy, a playful lamb, and his group of diverse animal friends. Through their daily escapades, children are introduced to new words and phrases, effectively aiding their linguistic development.

Not only does this show prioritize language learning, but it also emphasizes values such as friendship, curiosity, and perseverance. Each episode is curated to hold a young child’s attention while imparting educational content seamlessly.

2. Peppa Pig

The animated tales of “Peppa Pig” centre around the life of Peppa, a spirited piglet, and her close-knit family. Set in a colourful world, each episode highlights the family’s daily activities, from muddy puddle adventures to school outings.

Beyond its vibrant animation and catchy tunes, “Peppa Pig” subtly teaches children about family dynamics, the joy of simple pleasures, and problem-solving through everyday scenarios. The characters, while humorous, are relatable, making the show a favourite for both kids and parents.

3. Llama Llama

Drawing inspiration from the best-selling books, “Llama Llama” tells the heartwarming stories of a young llama navigating the ups and downs of childhood. Alongside his doting mama, he encounters typical childlike challenges, each teaching him a valuable lesson.

With themes of love, patience, and understanding at its core, “Llama Llama” serves as a mirror to a child’s world. The gentle storytelling combined with relatable challenges makes it an ideal show for sparking conversations between parents and children about feelings and experiences.

4. Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol” zooms into the world of Adventure Bay, where a group of spirited pups led by a young boy named Ryder, undertake various rescue missions. Each pup has a unique skill set, mirroring real-life professions, and they use their abilities to solve problems and help those in need.

The action-packed episodes of “Paw Patrol” emphasize teamwork, bravery, and community service. As children cheer for their favourite pups, they’re also learning the importance of collaboration and the idea that everyone, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

5. Hey Duggee

At the heart of a scenic countryside is The Squirrel Club, a place of fun and learning led by the friendly dog, Duggee. Children, as squirrel scouts, embark on various activities and adventures, earning badges along the way.

Hey Duggee” champions the spirit of exploration and discovery. The creative quests encourage kids to think outside the box, while the emphasis on earning badges fosters a sense of achievement and perseverance.

6. Masha and the Bear

Set in a picturesque forest, this show captures the playful escapades of Masha, a mischievous little girl, and her unlikely friend, a gentle bear. Their unique relationship and contrasting personalities lead to a myriad of humorous situations.

A blend of comedy and tenderness, “Masha and the Bear” subtly touches upon themes of friendship, understanding differences, and caring for one another. It serves as a gentle reminder that true friends come in all shapes and sizes.

7. Morphle TV

Dive into the imaginative realm of Mila and her magical pet, Morphle, who can morph into anything she desires. From dinosaurs to vehicles, their adventures in this shape-shifting world are boundless.

Beyond its vivid animation, “Morphle TV” promotes creativity and imagination. Children are encouraged to dream big and believe that, with a dash of magic and imagination, anything is possible.

8. Bluey

Bluey” chronicles the everyday adventures of an energetic Blue Heeler puppy, her younger sister, and her parents. Set in Australia, episodes often revolve around imaginative play, family outings, and simple yet profound life lessons.

The charm of “Bluey” lies in its authentic portrayal of childhood and family dynamics. Parents will find nostalgia in Bluey’s imaginative games, while children are reminded of the joy in everyday moments.

9. Chuggington

In the bustling town of Chuggington, young trainees Wilson, Brewster, and Koko navigate the rails of life. As they learn the responsibilities of being locomotives, they’re mentored by older, experienced engines.

Chuggington” offers a vibrant look into the workings of a train-centric world, teaching children about cooperation, responsibility, and the value of mentorship. The catchy tunes and dynamic characters make learning about life’s lessons an enjoyable ride.

10. Little Bear – Official

Set against a serene woodland backdrop, “Little Bear” navigates the adventures and discoveries of a curious bear cub. Joined by a cast of delightful animal friends, their stories revolve around play, exploration, and the simple joys of childhood.

Rooted in the classic tales by Else Holmelund Minarik, “Little Bear” touches upon universal themes of love, friendship, and curiosity. Its gentle narrative pace provides a calming entertainment option for kids, fostering a sense of wonder about the world around them.

11. Peter Rabbit

Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s iconic tales, this animated adaptation dives into the bustling life of Peter Rabbit, a mischievous bunny always up for an adventure. Along with his friends, he often finds himself in tricky situations, especially with Mr. McGregor around.

Apart from its nostalgic value for parents, “Peter Rabbit” is a testament to courage, wit, and the spirit of adventure. The series promotes the idea of learning from one’s mistakes, making it both entertaining and educational.

12. Guess How Much I Love You

Set in a lush meadow, this “Guess How Much I Love You” chronicles the heartwarming relationship between Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare. Their interactions revolve around measuring their love for each other, often in imaginative and playful ways.

Beyond its endearing animation, the show offers a wonderful avenue for parents and children to discuss emotions, love, and the special bond that families share. It’s a gentle reminder of the immeasurable love that exists between parents and their little ones.

13. JoJo & Gran Gran

Located in a bustling city, “JoJo & Gran Gran” delves into the close-knit bond between JoJo, an energetic young girl, and her wise grandmother, Gran Gran. Their daily activities highlight the beauty of family, tradition, and heritage.

The series shines a spotlight on intergenerational relationships, emphasizing the wisdom that elders can impart and the fresh perspective of youth. It encourages mutual respect, understanding, and the value of family ties.

14. Sarah and Duck

Dive into the whimsical world of Sarah, a seven-year-old with an insatiable curiosity, and Duck, her silent yet expressive companion. Together, they navigate the wonders and mysteries of their quaint world.

Sarah and Duck” stands out for its unique storytelling style, blending humour with genuine moments of childlike wonder. It promotes curiosity, problem-solving, and the joys of finding magic in the mundane.

15. Blippi

Blippi, with his infectious enthusiasm, takes children on interactive tours exploring a range of topics from construction sites to museums. His adventures are both informative and filled with excitement.

Serving as an educational tour guide, Blippi’s live-action explorations make learning feel like a play. His approachable demeanour and the show’s hands-on nature encourage kids to ask questions and discover the world around them.

16. The Fixies

Delving into the hidden world of tiny creatures called Fixies, this show reveals their mission: to maintain and fix the machinery and gadgets in our lives. Their tales are a blend of adventure, innovation, and discovery.

The Fixies” not only captivates with its dynamic animation but also educates about the mechanics of everyday objects. It encourages a sense of curiosity about how things work and the importance of care and maintenance.

17. Sesame Street

A household name for decades, “Sesame Street” merges puppetry, live-action, and animation to present a diverse neighbourhood where learning and play go hand-in-hand. Iconic characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster tackle various themes from letters to life lessons.

Its enduring charm lies in its ability to educate while entertaining. “Sesame Street” is renowned for addressing complex societal issues in child-friendly ways, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and kindness.

18. The Land Before Time

Venturing back to prehistoric times, this animated series follows the adventures of Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and their dino pals. Together, they explore their vast world, facing challenges and celebrating the power of friendship.

The Land Before Time” offers a beautiful blend of history and fiction, igniting children’s imaginations about the wonders of the prehistoric era. It also imparts lessons on teamwork, courage, and the importance of standing by your friends.


Each of these shows, in its own unique way, offers a blend of entertainment, education, and moral values. Parents and guardians are encouraged to explore these shows with their children, fostering bonding time and facilitating discussions on the varied lessons they present.

However, always monitor what your child watches on YouTube, even if the content is designed for kids. The platform’s recommendation algorithms might occasionally steer towards content that’s not child-friendly. To counteract this, parents are encouraged to make use of the YouTube Kids app, which has been designed to offer a safer environment tailored for young viewers.

Yet, as beneficial as YouTube can be, it’s essential not to let it overshadow other crucial aspects of a child’s life. It’s imperative to strike a balance, ensuring children also engage in outdoor play, immerse in books, and participate in various offline activities. This holistic approach ensures they receive a well-rounded experience during their formative years.

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